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The Pharmacy Connection is a software application created to facilitate the submission and tracking of requests for free medication from pharmaceutical company's Patient Assistance Program (PAP). Every PAP has a unique program eligibility criteria. Prior to the creation of The Pharmacy Connection, applying to PAP's for medication was a laborious process. It required identifying the manufacturer of the prescribed drug, consulting the Directory of Patient Assistance Programs to determine if the manufacturer had a PAP, and determining if its program(s) covered the prescribed medication. The process also involved contacting the manufacturer to request application forms if the patient met their eligibility requirements. the most time consuming task was manually preparing the necessary forms once they arrived from the drug company. This entire process could take an average of two hours per request. With The Pharmacy Connection this entire process can be cut down to 45 minutes.

The Pharmacy Connection contains all of the information necessary to access and use the PAP's:
  • The drugs covered by the program
  • Drugs substitutions (if available)
  • Patients records
  • Health care provider records
  • PAC records
  • Health care facility information

Lillie Phillips, Case Management Secretary

Linda Gage, Case Management Coordinator

Lake Country Area Agency on Aging
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